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About Me...
Brought To You By The 90s

"The decade that added "Betty Rubble" to the Flintstone Vitamins Lineup"
 – Brought To You By The 90s

I've decided to use my portfolio as a virtual shout out to a few of the shows, games, products and themes brought to you by the 90s that has inspired me over the years. Continue to scroll for more details about me and my process, click "Work" in the navigation to see case studies or click "Scrapbook" for hobbies and side projects.

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Brought To You By The 90s...

A lot of my current interests can be traced back to my life growing up in the 90s. From sitcoms like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to Pokémon cards. From lunch time snacks like Dunkaroos to Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega Genesis FTW). The 90s was pretty Super…that’s all I’m Saiyan.

17 years later, I’ve upgraded from Pokémon Cards to Pokémon Go and I’m binge watching all my favorite sitcoms and plenty new ones. I’ve gone from reading manga and watching anime to...well reading manga and watching more anime and I’m still playing Sonic except on a way bigger T.V. (Backwards Compatibility FTW).

I'm also a long-time NY Jets Fan and an avid listener of most hip-hop (no mumble rap for this guy). Overall, I'm just your average 90s guy who's too legit to quit.

My role as a UX Researcher!

As a UX Researcher, my main role is to conduct and collect user research for user centric insights that inform design decisions down the line.

I have experience in conducting stakeholder, user, contextual interviews to identify user needs, business requirements, user behaviors and trends. 

While performing this role, I have used online recruiting platforms, like ethnio.com, and user testing platforms such as usabilityhub.com for moderated and unmoderated user testing.

My role as a UX Architect!

As a UX Architect my involvement depends on the scale and scope of a project. The goal, however, is to always leverage key insights to define and plan content.

I have experience developing Personas, User Journeys, User flows, Use Cases, User Scenarios, Site Maps and Taxonomy Maps. For smaller scale projects, these tactics could be positioned as one-off deliverables. However, in my experience they should be steps in a longer process that leads the team to an informed user centric digital strategy. The strategy should translate research findings into a plan that solves the needs of the users, checks off business requirements, and details how content will be created and managed in relation to the project ask.

The tools I use to perform this role (Omnigraffle, Indesign, and Microsoft Office to name a few) are used to create client ready presentations and decks and varies project by project.

My role as a UX Designer!

Out of all the roles I have worked in, I have the most experience as a UX Designer. I enjoy taking insights gained from research and the plan laid out in a strategy to design digital experiences and interactions that are intuitive, scalable, and of course user centric.

I have experience creating wireframes, both hi and lo-fidelity. As part of my workflow, I also like to create digital prototypes to showcase user interaction elements.

I prefer to use Sketch when creating wires but I have used other platforms in the past such as Indesign, Illustrator, Omnigraffle, and Balsamiq. For simple prototypes I prefer Invision and for more complex prototypes I’ve used Axure, Adobe After Effects, or Webflow.

My role as a UX Analyst!

As an UX Analyst, I am either digesting web analytics to understand existing trends of a current web experience or using analytics to track KPIs and experience goals defined in the experience strategy.

I have experience using Google Analytics and working with other 3rd party web analytics platforms and vendors.

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"The era where downloading music meant waiting by the radio for your song to play." 
– Brought to you by the 90s
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Lenton Alston III

Experience Designer