360i: Website Redesign 

A complete re-design of 360i.com with the purpose of updating the digital presence and identity of the agency.

The Challenge

To stay ahead of the curve, 360i needed to update their digital presence to be more in line with today's standards and best practices. Our goal was to establish collaboration and alchemy as core agency values through our work and culture. With that in mind, we set out to understand how the website can best support this new brand position.

"Showcase the multi-disciplinary culture of 360i and exceed the needs of the wide range of users through client success stories and previews of agency life."

The Solution


The process started with auditing and analyzing the existing site and content. With the help of our stakeholders, we were able to define how 360i should differentiate themselves within the industry. We used the insights learned from interviews, analysis, and audits to craft our website strategy.

The next step was to define our users and understand their journey as they engage with 360i.com. We crafted personas and user journeys to identify needs and solutions. The output was an MVP list of features for the new site.

We worked with our product design team to ensure final designs were in alignment with the insights we uncovered. With the help of our tech department we reached a final build and launched the site.

Project Roles:

  • UX Researcher
  • UX Architect
  • UX Designer
  • UX Analyst

Still Curious?

"When mobile games required double A batteries."
–Brought to you by the 90s

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"The era where downloading music meant waiting by the radio for your song to play." 
– Brought to you by the 90s
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Lenton Alston III

Experience Designer