Education Group

A research project with the purpose of establishing the position of Canon Education and defining the approach for evolving it's services.

The Challenge

Canon's educational offerings existed across many channels. The resulting experience felt fragmented and customers found it difficult to understand all the products that was available to them. In addition, the lack of tracking made it difficult for Canon to understand how education was impacting their product sales.

"Define Canon’s vision for imaging education and bring that vision to life."

The Solution

Our approach started with a Discovery phase. We listened to stakeholders and consumers in order to understand their needs and goals. This helped us uncover where Canon is today and define our vision for where they should be in the future.

The next step was to prioritize our recommendations against our business objectives and align on an actionable project plan. The final output was a project roadmap explaining how to best evolve imaging education at Canon.

Project Roles:

  • UX Researcher
  • UX Architect
  • UX Analyst

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"When mobile games required double A batteries."
–Brought to you by the 90s

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"The era where downloading music meant waiting by the radio for your song to play." 
– Brought to you by the 90s
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Lenton Alston III

Experience Designer