Photo Coach

An out of home experience that taught passersby how to take the
perfect picture in any condition.

The Challenge

With the technology evolving in today's smartphone cameras, people are finding more time and ways to take pictures. Canon wanted to connect with these consumers through a campaign reflective of its heritage. Our task was to provide new and seasoned photographers the tools and knowledge needed to take amazing photographs.

Many amateur photographers lose great photo opportunities because they are not aware of what makes a great picture. As a result, many pictures (especially of famous locations) tend to look alike. Canon saw an opportunity to educate people on how to get the most out of each photo opportunity.

"Help photographers realize their creative vision and connect them to the tools and knowledge to make it a reality."

The Solution

As part of our solution, we created smart billboards. Each billboard leveraged real-time data to provide dynamic tips for photographers when they needed them the most.

First we used social listening to identify New York City’s most photographed areas. This is where we placed our billboards. The real-time data was fed it into a custom built program and immediately served the most relevant photo tips to photographers. Our logic matrix took into account the many factors that could impact a photograph at any given time so no matter the occasion, we had a tip ready to go.

As part of our execution, we felt it was important to have Canon representatives on the scene to share their expertise and knowledge. At certain locations, we deployed street teams and mobile billboards to offer help to photographers in need of extra coaching. As a plus, we provided top of the line Canon cameras and products so people can experience, first hand, how Canon can empower their creativity.

Project Roles:

  • UX Architect
Awards & Accolades:
  • Cannes Lions : Winner (Silver) : Cyber, Branded Tech, Digital
  • Cannes Lions : Winner (Bronze) : Outdoor, Digital Outdoor, Ambient Use of Technology Billboard
  • The One Show: Winner (Silver) : Direct, Digital Data Driven Personalization
  • IAB Mixx Awards: Winner (Silver) : Interactive Out of Home

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"When mobile games required double A batteries."
–Brought to you by the 90s

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"The era where downloading music meant waiting by the radio for your song to play." 
– Brought to you by the 90s
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Lenton Alston III

Experience Designer