Purell: Bite-sized Protection

A concept for a 30s television spot that showcases the large
protection offered by Purell's smallest product.

The Challenge

As a group project, we were tasked with creating a 30s television spot for Purell's travel-sized product. What seemed like a straight forward task became more difficult when we were told the only copy or VO we can use had to be during the end card (last 5 seconds of the spot).

"Concept a 30s T.V. spot for Purell Travel-Size without using V.O or copy until the end card."

The Solution

Our group decided to leverage the silent and atmospheric style of the classic monster movies to showcase the benefits of germ protection on the go. We acted, shot and edited the spot in a little under a month.

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"When mobile games required double A batteries."
–Brought to you by the 90s

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"The era where downloading music meant waiting by the radio for your song to play." 
– Brought to you by the 90s
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