The Green LP

The Green LP started as a school project, evolved into a mixtape, and now exists as a concept for an online Hip Hop music community.

The Challenge

For a class competition, teams of two had to create a campaign centered around generating votes for their assigned color. The goal was to teach us how to create a campaign that our audience will gravitate towards. It was a topic that we all soon realized was crucial to understand, especially when you are selling something that can be completely subjective i.e. preference of color. If we wanted to win, we knew our campaign had to be about more than just a color. It needed to have an organizing theme that could reach a larger audience and connect with them on a emotional level.

"Design a campaign with the goal of generating votes and user engagement for your assigned color."

The Solution

My group was assigned the color green. Naturally a color can have many interpretations but one insight really stood out. We noticed a lot of cultural references involving green was relevant to music, whether it be a track title, content or concept. It was from this insight we decided to focus on music as a platform to generate votes.

We were able to collect several tracks about the color green and what it means from various artist. We put the tracks together to create a mixtape and called it "The Green LP." We offered it for free provided that the listener vote for the color green for our class project.

We launched several social campaigns to get the word out about "TheGreenLP during the weeks leading up to release including Facebook Ads and Google Ad Words. We did some out-of-home marketing in the form of a city wide poster campaign and to top it all off, a "Download to get Down" launch party.

In the years after we presented our initial project, we have continued to plan on how to grow this project into a platform for emerging artist and hip hop enthusiast to collaborate.

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"When mobile games required double A batteries."
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"The era where downloading music meant waiting by the radio for your song to play." 
– Brought to you by the 90s
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